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Shellfish gathering

Shore fishing spots on Noirmoutier island


Noirmoutier Island - shore fishing spots


Shrimps      Oysters       Clams        Crabs       Winkles      Mussels       Cockles


Find more information on shore fishing regulations on Noirmoutier island and its surroundings at


Advice to fully enjoy it

Provide yourself with good shoes, a basket or a bucket.

Take the time to watch the tide schedule.

Look for points of reference and memorise them in order to find your way back.

Choose the right fishing gear, use only the 3 prongs fishing claw and the clam knife. The use of other tools is prohibited.

The fish resources are very fragile, please fish only what you can eat. There is a minimum size standard to respect as well as quantity standards per person and per tide (cf. table below).


 The practise of non-professional shellfish fishing, along Noirmoutier's coast, is subject to specific regulations:

Fishing is forbidden from sunset to sunrise, at less than 25 m away from fish parks and marine cultures.

The only gear authorised are the clam knife with a handle of 30 cm long maximum, and the fishing claw, limited to 3 prongs and whose handle doesn't exceed 80 cm long maximum, 10 cm large maximum, 7 mm of diameter maximum for the prongs' width, and 10 cm for each prongs' length.


The minimum size and quantity you can fish for each specie are regulated as follows:

SpecieSizeQuantity per person and per tide
Pink shrimp5 cm 
Crabs13 cm6.5 cm for velvet and sharptooth swimming crabs
Clams4 cm3 kg
Cockles3 cm3 kg
Winkles 3 kg
Mussels4 cm5 kg
Cupped oysters5 cm3 dozens


It is strictly forbidden to sell any product you fished.


For a responsible fishing: respect the environment, replace the stones that you turned over in their initial position, don't let any rubbish on the intertidal zone, respect the other professionals or amateurs fishermen, respect the professional structures, take only what you need for your family consumption.

Avoid the use of plastic bags, the use of plastic or wicker baskets is better since the water can drain away.

Avoid picking up shellfish laying on the shore (clams, cockles…) as they can carry diseases.

Wash your catch with sea water.

Eat your shellfish within 24 hours.

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