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Discover Noirmoutier

Noirmoutier island: an oceanic, tasty and natural island, where everything begins by the Gois …


This mythical road which uncovers at low tide and let visitors penetrate on a marine land, full of history, wild landscapes and savours…

An authentic and preserved island, an island with blue shutters and white houses, where four villages, each one having a different personality, offer a deep contrast between the huge natural areas, the salt marshes mosaic, the harrowed fields from the agricultural plain, the coloured ports and the half-rural, half-seaside architecture.


On this island we can share the pleasure of discovery, in couple, with friends or with family, in the small streets and bicycle paths maze. The ocean let itself being approached, throughout water sports and leisure boats regattas. The chefs express themselves with local products, all full of freshness.

Bordered by lots of blond sandy beaches, Noirmoutier is also the ideal place for the ones wanting to relax and to unwind.

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