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Farmed turbot on Noirmoutier Island

Turbot - Noirmoutier IslandAquaculture development

With an available marshes area and a 14°C underground sea water reservoir, Noirmoutier island was an ideal site to develop aquaculture at the end of the 20th century.

The France Turbot company was created at that time, thanks to the passion of a former fisherman who believed in the island's potential. Since 1987, the turbot is raised in fish farms on the east coast of Noirmoutier island.


A quality productTurbot - Noirmoutier Island

From hatching to enlargement and commercialisation, France Turbot controls all the steps of its production in the respect of the fish and its environment. Strict requirement specifications allowed the company to obtain the Label Rouge, which certifies the turbot's good raising conditions, from its birth to your fishmonger's stalls. The Noirmoutier island Label Rouge turbot distinguishes itself by the fineness and the firmness of its flesh and also by its light iodic taste. Roasted, fried or grilled, Noirmoutier island turbot can be eaten in every shape and form.

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