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Noirmoutier island fish

The Herbaudière harbour, Noirmoutier Island

A lively port

 A walk on the fishing port of l'Herbaudière will awake the senses of fine cuisine amateurs. Around the fishermen, the rumble is an invitation for a gourmet trip.

There the entire village developed around its fishing port, and the restaurants honour the fish and crustaceans fished every day. On board of the Noirmoutier island fishing boats, noble fish such as the line-caught sea bass, the sole, the sea bream or the red mullet can be found.


Lobster - Noirmoutier Island

Fresh and varied products have the place of honour

 At the fish auction house can be found around crustaceans: lobsters, spiny lobsters, spiders and crabs, which will soon join the gourmets' plates.

Depending on the day, other species complete this colourful picture. The sole and the line-caught sea bass are the two main species of the island's fishermen. The sole is liked for its fine flesh.

The line-caught sea bass has a unique taste. At the heart of this tender and particular taste is a soft technique: being line-caught, the fish are not stressed. To indicate this quality to the consumer, a labelling system was put in place on the boats.


The sea in your plate

 In addition to the fresh fish, fishermen also offer their Noirmoutier island fish soup. The high rate of fish in the soup explains why it is well-known for its rich taste. With a little bit of cream or rouille, you will really enjoy yourself.

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