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Noirmoutier island potatoes

A fertile soil for a unique taste

Potato fields - Noirmoutier Island

On Noirmoutier island, the potatoes take advantage of a particularly mild climate and a salty air. They grow on a sandy soil enriched by kelp, which is picked up by farmers in autumn on the beaches and which is used to smoke their fields. The particular taste of Noirmoutier potatoes is said to come from the seaweed's iodine.


According to the traditions, potatoes are planted by hand at Candlemas, and are to be harvested 90 days later, in the beginning of May, in “grenaille” shape, that is to say when they are as big as a thumb. In order to be savoured, it just has to be rubbed under water and brown in butter.

Potatoes - Noirmoutier Island

Quality varieties

 The BONNOTTE is only cultivated on Noirmoutier island, in small quantity. It's ratio is only 100 tons on 10,000 tons of potatoes harvested on the island.

The other types of potatoes grown are the SIRTEMA: the top of spring potatoes. It is the most ancient variety grown on the island. We have after the LADY CRIST'L and the ROSEVAL, a red potato. June is the CHARLOTTE period: blond with firm texture, offering a deep and intense taste.


Potatoes - Noirmoutier Island

A cooperative proud of its label

 The 40 Noirmoutier grower artisans respect particular requirements specifications in order to maintain their production level. Quality, security and transparency norms as well as the approach developed by the Noirmoutier cooperative fit into a Agriconfiance frame of reference, guaranteeing high quality potatoes.

300 tons are processed every day and each potato is sent the day of its harvest.

A site entirely dedicated to the so unique Noirmoutier potato.


La tradition veut que les pommes de terre soient plantées à la Chandeleur, à la main, pour être récoltée 90 jours plus tard, début Mai, en "grenaille", c'est à dire grosse comme le pouce, arrachée depuis peu. Pour la déguster, elle est juste frottée sous l'eau et revenue dans le beurre.

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