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Oysters and shellfish on Noirmoutier island

Oyster farming: a bicentenary activity on Noirmoutier island

Oyster farming:
a bicentenary activity on Noirmoutier island

For 50 years, it has had a particular development. And this is not insignificant: on the intertidal zones circling the island, and especially in the Bourgneuf Bay, oysters found a propitious land to grow up. The environment quality along with the work of approximately 40 producers are the right formula to get tasty oysters.


The oysters' taste comes from the land where they grown upOysters Noirmoutier Island

 Noirmoutier island oysters are famous for their fine flesh and iodic taste. In order to appreciate them, a simple dash of lemon juice or vinegar with shallot is enough to reveal the shellfish's rich taste.

There aren't just one oyster but oysters on Noirmoutier island. “Fine” oysters, “fine fattened” oysters or “special” oysters, the breeding conditions shaped a specific taste for each one of them. The fine fattened and the specials have all spent some days in ancient salt marshes that have been transformed in oyster maturing ponds, thus giving them an incomparable taste.


A diversified production

Bouchot mussels - Noirmoutier Island


The producers also offer other shellfish, among them, the bouchot mussels.

Noirmoutier island is one of the rare place in France where mussels are produced from their birth up to their sale. On the island's coasts, mussels grow up on big wooden sticks called “bouchots”. This technique enables the production of delicious seafood.

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