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Forests on Noirmoutier island

Do you prefer evergreen oak forests or pine forests?

The Frandière forest in Barbâtre, the Bois des Eloux in l'Épine and the Bois de la Chaise in Noirmoutier-en-l'île are the three main forests of the island. Just nearby the beaches, their vegetation (a mix of Mediterranean-type and island-type vegetation) offers a postcard view.

 Le bois des Eloux - l'Epine Ile de Noirmoutier


The Bois des Eloux in l'Épine is located right on the sea shore, on the island's culminating point. Get lost on this outstanding wild and natural area; the smells of sea salt will guide you towards the beaches nearby… If you meet an elf, don't forget to ask him if he can tell you the woods' legend.




Forêts Bois de la Chaize - Ile de Noirmoutier



The Bois de la Chaise is a state forest, unaffected by the passing of time. Located on the north-east sandstones of Noirmoutier, this wood is sheer ocean mildness, sheltered from westerly winds. The wood is kept by small duke owls and flying beetles. The painter Auguste Renoir was swept away by this inspiring place. Would you be won over as much as him?



Misosa blossom - Island of Noirmoutier



Don't miss mimosa blossom in winter; during this period, the Bois de la Chaise adorns itself with this small bright and yellow balls and offers a unique landscape full of poetry…


A hike in the Frandière, a picnic at the Bois des Éloux or a jogging in the Bois de la Chaise will surely entrance you!

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