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The Passage du Gois

The Gois, a unique tourist attraction

the passage du Gois,a periodically flooded causeway in Noirmoutier Island

The Passage du Gois, a periodically flooded causeway that's unique in the world for its length (4.5km), is one of the island's must-see curiosities. During low tide you can travel the causeway to reach Beauvoir-sur-Mer and fish for clams, oysters and cockles. Its 9 signals provide sanctuary to the more reckless who are taken by surprise as the water rises.

The Gois was listed as a "Monument Historique" on July 11th 1942. Locals and tourists alike see it as a major symbol for the island.


Events and activities around the Gois

Runners during Les Foulées du Gois - Noirmoutier Island
Every year there's a race called "The Foulées du Gois" where runners set off as the tide rises. The leaders run through the water (the perfect image for a place whose name comes from the dialect word for ''walking with wet feet''!), whilst runners at the back end up having to swim! The flooded causeway has also seen the Tour de France competitors cycle over it (5/07/1999, 2/07/2005, 2/07/2011).

The Passage du Gois is also the theatre of an expected summer event : the musical pyrotechnic show in July. A very beautiful firework that allows tourists and islanders to meet to celebrate holidays.


Guided tour "the Passage du Gois and dikes"

What makes this site so strange? Want to find out more? Learn about it and its history for 90 minutes with local tour guides Brigitte ((00 33) (0)6 87 39 11 48) and Anne-Marie ((00 33) (0)688 46 32 75).

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