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The beaches on Noirmoutier island

Beaches for everyone…

The regulars all have a favourite....Whether you want to chill out, collect shellfish or keep fit, whether you’re dreaming of a creek or long sandy beach, whether there’s a westerly or easterly breeze, you’ll find your perfect beach on the Ile de Noirmoutier!

Barbâtre beaches - Noirmoutier Island

Barbâtre beaches

Barbâtre’s Boucholeurs, Océan and Midi beaches have 8km of dunes and are ideal for windsurfing, kite surfing, catamaran, kayaking and land sailing. A sea pine forest lines this stretch of yellow sand and is perfect for a stroll. Onchères beach has Tiralos (water wheelchairs) for disabled visitors.




La Guérinière beachesLa Guérinière beaches - Noirmoutier Island

La Guérinière beaches have incredible views of the south of the island. The soft cove-shaped beaches embody the history and heritage with the windmills on Court beach and the blockhaus on Cantine beach. An embankment lies alongside Cantine beach that buzzes in summer with Club Mickey. At the foot of the Notre Dame de Bon Secours residence, the low tide reveals fisheries built by island dwellers that were taken over and managed by an association. Visitors can collect shellfish on Sables d'Or beach at Pointe de la Loire. Court beach has Tiralos (water wheelchairs) for disabled visitors.

L'Epine beaches - Noirmoutier Island

L'Epine beaches

L’Epine’s beaches are due west and the Bois des Eloux, the island’s highest point, towers over them. Océan, Martinière, Saint Jean and Bosse beaches are all lovely for fantastic walks to Morin Port. The landing port is perfect for coastal shipping and fishing enthusiasts. Everyone can access the slipway and Tiralo facilities. The Pointe du Devin marks the junction between l'Epine and l'Herbaudière.


Luzéronde beach - l'herbaudière - Noirmoutier Island

L 'Herbaudière beaches

In the south of l'Herbaudière you can walk along a dune path to Luzéronde beach. This rocky little bay goes right up to l'Epine in a long stretch of sand. It has incredible views of the sunset. Visitors can do water sports on the south part of the beach from the Blockhaus. Go back up north and explore the sandy Lutins and Luzan creeks. The large Linière beach to the right of the harbour tops the island.


Le Vieil beach - Noirmoutier Island
Le Vieil beaches

From the Madeleine to Vieil beach, there’s a succession of sandy and rocky “marzelles” which shellfish gatherers adore. Kids enjoy grappling with winkles and green crabs. The beaches are edged by traditional houses on the sand. Mardi Gras beach was the setting for the film “César et Rosalie” and is a pretty creek which families love for its peace and quiet. A sea pine forest and the Bois de la Chaise’s green oaks line the sandy and curvaceous Clère beach.


Noirmoutier-en-l'île beachesL'Anse Rouge beach - Noirmoutier-en-l'île

You’ll find little sheltered creeks in Bois de la Chaise with views of Bourgneuf Bay. The discreet but cosy Les Souzeaux is lined by fabulous villas and l'Anse rouge is edged with beach huts, typical of the island. Continue south to the landing stage on Dames beach, a reminder of the flourishing shipping past which saw wealthy visitors set off on their summer holidays from here in the 19th century. The huts and restaurants along the beach give this area, topped by green oaks, a distinctive style. Go further south to Sableaux beach, ideal for kids, with its beach club and major windsurfing school. There are Tiralos (water wheelchairs) for disabled visitors.


The choice is yours…..

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