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The ports

Noirmoutier-en-l'île Harbour

Ships in the Noirmoutier-en-l'île Harbour


This landing port was once bustling with Noirmoutier salt exports and is now home to old rigging and sailboats for repair or restoration in construction and naval repair workshops.

The north bank is lined with shops and restaurants which walkers love to explore. The port is split in two and separated by the Place d’Armes: Quai Cassard, named after the ship's captain, and Quai Jean Bart, descendant of the Jacobsen family, both seafarers at the end of the 17th century.

The Morin Harbour, l'Epine

the Morin Harbour in l'Epine, Noirmoutier Island


A shelter surrounded by rocks on the west side of the island where a fleet of fishermen used to drop anchor has become a modern port. L'Epine sailors have always moored their small ships here despite it being a poorly protected port. In 1983 the port was strengthened with artificial sea walls. Morin Port officially opened on November 14th 1994.



Water activities, the Morin Port, Noirmoutier Island

In 1995, the main west-facing dike was opened and its huge mass protects the now secure port. On the edge there's a red light facing Bosse beach and its pretty renovated mill. The green light is near the port authority, a former Blockhaus among several other World War II buildings.

The port also has a small tricolour lighthouse with a 6 nautical mile range. It has an 880 boat capacity.


A boat in L'herbaudière Harbour, Noirmoutier Island

L'Herbaudière Harbour

Not only was this the first marina to be built in the Vendée (1973), L'Herbaudière Port is also a fishing port.

The fish market opened in 1980. The main species that are caught here are sole, line-caught sea bass, red mullet, lobster, crab and spider crab. The fish are then sold to island businesses and restaurants along with a number of top Parisian, Canadian and Russian restaurants. 


L'Herbaudière Port is also a lovely place for a walk with souvenir shops and restaurants.

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