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The Bois de la Chaise

Registered site, the Bois de la Chaise saw the birth of its touristic era with the island's notables. These ones built a hundred villas at the end of the Second Empire, which embody the romanticism of this period.

The Bois de la Chaise, Noirmoutier Island

The Bois de la Chaise, Noirmoutier Island


Plage des Dames Huts, Noirmoutier Island



The huts on the beaches of Dames, Les Sableaux and L'Anse Rouge marked the beginning of seaside tourism. Ladies changed into their swimming costumes in the huts swimming in the sea became fashionable while modesty was still unchallenged!




The Bois de la Chaise was the meeting point for famous poets and painters. In 1892, Ile de Noirmoutier welcomed the ideal visitor in the form of the famous artist Auguste Renoir (1841-1919). He said the following of Bois de la Chaise: "It's a fascinating area, as beautiful as the South of France but with an ocean as beautiful as the Mediterranean."
He was inspired by the light in the area to paint two paintings:

Toile de Renoir, le bois de la Chaise Ile de NoirmoutierRenoir painting, The Bois de la Chaise, Noirmoutier Island


 The Bois de la Chaise was also the destination of choice for convalescents who came for the warm winters and the fresh pine-imbued air. They were prescribed donkey's milk.


Guided tour "Bois de la Chaise: the birth of a seaside resort"

The seaside villas along the splendid coastline have some fascinating stories to tell...Spend 2 hours learning about one of the island's most popular sites with your professional tour guides, Brigitte ((00 33) (0)6 87 39 11 48) and Anne-Marie ((00 33) (0)688 46 32 75).

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